Dear Matt, we need to talk.

It’s time for you to finally come clean about your fossil-fuelled climate denial and your coal mining millions. Coal is a red line for the planet, and climate scepticism cannot be your business model any longer. That’s why, as your Conscience, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and shut down your mine. We hope you’ll understand,

Sincerely, Your Conscience.


Keep it in the ground. 

Digging and burning coal is a red line for the climate. We need to end opencast coal mining and stop burning coal by 2023 at the latest to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Get dirty energy out of politics. 

Climate sceptic Matt Ridley uses his seat in the House of Lords and prominent media profile to spread the message that “climate change is good for world” and that fossil fuels are “not a bad thing”. Ridley needs to come clean about his stake in the fossil fuel industry and stop using climate denial as part of his business model.

Save Druridge Bay.

Banks Mining, the company that mines on Ridley’s land, plans to open a new coal mine at Druridge Bay. These plans must be rejected by the council to prevent the destruction of the beautiful bay and our climate. To join the campaign, go to www.savedruridge.co.uk.

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