Tuesday update from Matt Ridley’s Conscience

We managed to shut down the coal mine on Lord Ridley’s land for over 8 hours, by both blocking road access for coal lorries and occupying an excavator inside the mine to hang a giant ‘END COAL’ banner. 9 activists were arrested on Monday afternoon and were released from police custody on Tuesday afternoon.

We were joined at Shotton mine by local campaigners who are resisting Banks Mining’s plans for a new opencast mine at Druridge Bay: http://www.savedruridge.co.uk/

The group released this statement last night:

“The climate crisis calls for bold action. Using our bodies to blockade the mine’s entrance and climb aboard a giant excavator, we managed to keep fossil fuels in the ground at the coal mine for over 8 hours. We’re delighted that today’s action has attracted so much attention and support, and we look forward to Matt Ridley and the UK Government’s response. Coal is a clear red line for the climate and for communities: we need to keep 80% of all known fossil fuels in the ground if we’re to prevent catastrophic climate change. As the dirtiest fossil fuel, we will continue to act to end coal.”

You can follow the story of yesterday’s action, press coverage and great messages of support in this Storify: https://storify.com/ViscountRidley/matt-ridley-s-conscience-halts-coal-production-all

We also managed to get broad media coverage in the BBC (and on TV), Guardian, ITV, Independent and local press, plus The Times where Matt Ridley has a column (we expect his next one on Monday…). You can also find a New Statesman comment piece by one of the protesters explaining why he shut down the coal mine, and a fun Buzzfeed on WTF facts about Lord Ridley’s climate denial.

Updates, background information and more photos are available on our website and via Twitter: @ViscountRidley #endcoal #keepitintheground

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